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Listed below are trail reports provided by area snowmobile clubs. For current trail conditions please call the hotline number provided above.

  • SaynerStarLake
    Jan 08, 2014 at 03:12 PM
    For updated trail reports for the Sayner - Star Lake Barnstormers, please go to:
  • SaynerStarLake
    Dec 17, 2013 at 08:53 AM
    Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers 12/17/2013

    All of the Barnstormers trails are being groomed. Most are in excellent condition, especially for this time of year. Consider last year. We didn’t have trails this nice until February. A few spots on our western trails 51, 11, 9, and 6 may still be a little ruff in some isolated areas. Our areas with logging at least have some better snow cover thanks to yesterday’s snow.

    Star Lake has been marked. Plum will be marked tomorrow afternoon. Never cross a lake unless it is marked. Even though it is not on our system, Lost Lake might be marked as soon as today.

    Oneida County trails open tomorrow (12/18) night at 6PM.

    News & Events:
    Our first fund raiser for the season will be at Stillwaters on January 18th. More details coming soon.

    The Christmas party last Saturday at Stillwaters was absolutely AWESOME!!! A big thanks to all who attended. A big thanks to Chuck & Karen of Stillwaters for the spectacular food. Thanks also to those who donated prizes for raffles! It was another TEAM EFFORT! That is what it is all about!
  • SaynerStarLake
    Dec 14, 2013 at 02:58 AM

    Early season trail conditions is the word. It will vary from freaking outstanding to downright terrible. Our western trails, towards Arbor Vitae, are not the greatest. This is for two reasons. First, most of these trails are not gated. Second: the Arbor Vitae club decided to come down a section of our trail system, and for some reason, panned our trails down to nothing. Our trails to the east and north are great. They have really great snow for December.

    We have logging operations on our system. This includes trails 11 & 15. The loggers plowed the trails down from intersections 207 to 360. There is very little snow, remaining on the trail, in those sections.

    We have no swamps on our system. But please be ready, on other club’s systems, for mushy trails where there are swamps. Some are frozen well – some are not. Some swamps need to have snowmobiles pack down the snow to allow the trail to freeze deeper.

    The Phelps system is NOT OPEN! Please be aware!

    Some private land trails MAY not be open until the 17th – THE ORIGINAL OPENING DATE! If you encounter a closed gate – please respect it!

    Please ride SAFE! The Barnstormer’s first concern is rider’s safety!
  • SaynerStarLake
    Dec 09, 2013 at 04:58 PM
    Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers
    Vilas County trails will open at 6PM, Friday the 13th.

    Be ready for early season conditions. Our western trails, towards Arbor Vitae (51 & 11) have areas with bad ruts and deep holes. Our other trails are in pretty good condition for this time of year.

    Trail 11/15, between intersections 209 and 360, has a logging operation in progress. The last time we were through there, they had it plowed down to dirt.

    DO NOT cross any lake until it is marked.

    Oneida County trails are still opening on Monday the 17th.
  • SaynerStarLake
    Dec 06, 2013 at 10:48 AM
    Sayner Barnstormers 12/6/2013:
    We received some really great snow earlier this week that was heavy and wet. We also got some rain that helped pack this snow down. We started panning very early Wednesday morning. If this keeps up, this could really set a GREAT base for the season. Hopefully we will get at least a few more inches before the trails officially open on the 17th. As we get more snow, we will go out and pan it down. We are looking forward to what could be the best trails in many years.

    We are doing our trail inspection today.

    When the trails do open, please do not cross any lakes unless they are marked. Even if it takes you a lot longer to get somewhere, it is better than going for an unintended icy swim.
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